Womans Day Monday Night is Chicken Night (The Eat Well Cookbook of Meals in a Hurry)

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Will dig out the tape measure and scribble them in my book. Snack attack Getting a tad bored of cottage cheese and celery sticks… need to try some of those heathy veg crisps using my new favourite staple Fry Light. Anyone got any other good snacks? Next week I will start working through these low-calorie snack ideas. Lightweight The girls in the office think this statement is funny… but in the last 2 weeks the diet has made me such a lightweight!

And it did give me a boost. Although, I did walk to school with the kids and we went for a big walk in the woods. Losing even a few pounds has made me feel more up for the exercise.


Looking at joining a local yoga class. I stayed.

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I just felt slightly disappointed not to lose more. The other topic this week was the dreaded TOTM for us women. This might have kicked off the massive chat about chocolate and sweet treats. I might look for some low cal bakes to make for me and the kids this week. Read more: 25 lower-fat cake recipes to try.

See a Problem?

Again budgeting was still a hot topic and we shared a lot of savvy supermarket shopping tips… online shopping seems to be the best idea as you can avoid temptation and overall make a saving. One woman who worked on a checkout laughed at how a woman came in for a pack of chicken and left spending quid, but forgot the chicken — sound familiar? So no weigh in this Tuesday, but I will be using the online restaurant tool to check my Slimming World Syns. One bloke had been on an all-inclusive to the Caribbean and managed to put on 7lbs… he was back on it this week though, still smiling!

So to keep myself in the game I will write everything down — good, bad or ugly. There are plenty of tasty fish and shellfish dishes to enjoy and I had an amazing rib-eye steak at the Mariners in Rock — and I ordered it with no chips this is a first for me. I did enjoy a bit of illegal bearnaise, though. Love her.

Picnics Missing a few of my favourite treats… Kids and DH are tucking into cake and crisps, and I am being v strong. Not quite the same…. Pastry Pasties are just too many syns!

LARGE FAMILY FREEZER COOKING DAY - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Freezer Meals

I do need to save a few for my holiday wine…cheers! The second part of the holiday went uphill in enjoyment nice meals out of the house!! My friend Helen came this week to group. We both stayed and joined in the chat. Everyone is getting so busy with weddings and parties, so there was more chat about reaching personal Slimming World targets. Mine is 25lbs.

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So 8 down…. My lovely girl turned three on Sunday and we had a house full of family and friends. Car picnic I kept on plan on the long car journey down to Cornwall by stocking up on sushi and edamame from Waitrose. It really filled me up and I forgot how much the kids like those edamame beans in the pods. Pricey, but worth it. Glowing Getting out in the fresh air this week has given me a healthy boost. Dresses So I mentioned I wanted to wear summer frocks this year and that is exactly what I did this week.

The healthy choices are paying off and just getting off those few pounds has made all the difference to how confident I feel. I even wore my cozzie in the pool! Supermarket sweep New in my shopping basket this week are Syn-free Mug Shot Soups for a handy fill-a-hole snack. Dinner date-night Not a social life low, but it should count as a diet low as I well and truly ditched it!

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Me and the DH had a delicious three-course dinner at Watergate Bay starting with this whipped butter with sea salt, slathered over my illegal crusty rye sourdough — saying no to good bread and butter is sooo much harder for me than cake! The kids were safely tucked up in the kids zone for the evening and I enjoyed every mouthful! I will get back on track this week — my goal is to lose 2lbs. Too many fun things in the calendar! Will report back — lycra, me…well possibly! My friend Helen reached target this week. She got a lovely shiny sticker and target badge.

I love this pic of her 12 Syn cuppa and bowl of treats. Just 6 Syns and they seem to last a long time. Go us! Go glam, girl! Putting on my VE Day party clothes was so much more fun without the extra weight on my tummy. Shirt dress, heels and victory rolls in my hair. When my little girl told me I looked pretty it made my heart melt — all the saying no to cake and biccies was suddenly worth it.

I topped it with my latest addiction, capers and added a few sliced pitted olives. TIP Add a squeeze of lemon or balsamic vinegar if your tomatoes are a little tart. I also poached the chicken in stock for extra succulence and flavour to compensate for no added oil. I now call it my Slimming World noodles. TIP Leftover salmon or chicken tastes brilliant with soy and ginger with lots of fresh coriander and chilli to boost the flavour — and for no Syns!

Cook in stock or for 2 Syns use a pack of miso soup. Hangover breakfasts of bacon and eggs and filling up on stodgy pasta is OK on Slimming World, but I made rice pud for the family with clotted cream and tortured myself with it all day!! The girls came round to mine this time. We read Never Far From Nowhere, by Andrea Levy — it had mixed reviews…but we ate yummy cherry tomatoes stuffed with crab and smoked salmon and dill pate from the new Slimming World Little Book of Summer.

That 1.

Woman's Weekly Recipes

So I was really pleased to be given a tomato feature to test. My Slimming World knowledge has really helped me to see how to cut the cals and not the flavour. Lovely leftovers You know what, lean lamb sliced and tossed with roasted cauli, spices and salady stuff is pretty tasty with a good squeeze of fresh lemon. I stayed on plan last Saturday night and cooked up a steak and Slimming World chips dinner, with some of those lovely tomatoes I had leftover.

TIP: Rub steak with paprika and chilli powder to give a savoury crust, spray with Fry Light and cook on a griddle for a couple of mins each side. Mum went to Iceland Get down there… I stocked up on their brilliant new range of Slimming World ready meals! Brilliant when its just you.

50+ Easy Ground Beef Recipes for Busy Nights

But how sweet that Gemma noticed and sent me this lovely text. Smelling the BBQ blazing all day was tough for my resolve, but luckily there were plenty of fresh strawberries on sale to keep me out of the hefty Syn zone. I only lost a measly 0. My top buys this week were some frozen hake fillets to make skinny fish and chips and soya beans to put in my soupy noodles. This week in group there were so many great recipes being shared.

When you go to group you get to hear first hand what recipes other members have been trying and loving.

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